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  • Better data means more success as a hunter and more success managing your land
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iSportsman ARX is the tool for success-minded, data-driven hunters, land managers and landowners

Hunt clubs and outfitters, small groups of hunters sharing a lease or large corporate landowners will see immediate benefits in how they manage access to their property, track activities and hunter success, check-in and checkout of areas, and more by automating their operations on iSportsman ARX. You can review easy-to-read and understand reports, charts and graphs that marry weather, wind, sunrise and other situational data to their observational experiences right from your smartphone or computer.

  • "The HAMS online system is a great tool to bring together several manual processes into one easy to use system. Collecting and reporting accurate data is crucial to all land management roles especially with the current scrutiny we are under from a wide variety of stakeholders. As well as making life easier for our members the HAMS system offers evidence of best practice and enhances the duty of care to guests, visitors and colleagues when working in remote areas. After using the system for a few weeks, territory and game management actually become enjoyable tasks with trends and anomalies becoming easily identifiable."
    Tony Stevenson
    Head of Business
    Scottish Land & Estates
  • "HAMS is a modern online system, that will help us meet current and future business needs for a lettings and licences management system ensuring we maximise the benefits of technological advances. It will help support the management of wild deer and game on Coillte’s estate, through improved quality of the data collected. With the introduction of workflows it will also help streamline the tendering process and also help simplify and expedite the sharing of data captured. The system will facilitate for better communications with our users and allows them to check in and out when hunting which is a key risk control to help us manage safety on the estate."
    Bernard Burke
    BAU Leader
    Coillte Forests | Coillte
  • "HAMS is designed professionally in every aspect. HAMS supports the everyday life of wildlife professionals, solving a number of issues for land and estate owners, gamekeepers, secretaries and shooters. I have personally never seen anything like this before - certainly not at an international level. As the Chairman of an Estate as well as Secretary of a County Chamber and the Master of Hunts for the county, I wholeheatedly recommend the use of HAMS to every person related to hunting and wildlife management and conservation!"
    Denes Toth A.
    Secretery of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hunters Chamber, Hungary

You would pick the right caliber suited for your hunt, make sure you pick the right tool to track and manage your land and wildlife

iSportsman ARX is the most advanced hunting and wildlife management software and recreational area access management service on the global market.
Designed in partnership with HAMS.online, iSportsman ARX works great for all types of land ownership and activities. From family farms, private leases and hunt clubs to outfitters and lodges and even corporate-owned (timber company, utilities, investment lands) or state-managed lands in single or wide-scattered tracts, iSportsman ARX is easy to setup, use and begin receiving real-time intel to help you better manage your wildlife, land and hunting success.

for hunt clubs & outfitters

No more wasted time driving back and forth to sign-in boards.

for Hunters and Shooters

Whether you are part of a club or lease or you simply want a better way to collect and review your memories in the field and improve the way you hunt, iSportsman ARX boasts powerful tools to help you become a more successful hunter. Automatically track sunrise/sunset, temperature, winds, and other weather data each time you sign-in to hunt. Record your observations and harvests as they happen and review maps and charts that will show you where, when and in what conditions you are seeing the most game.
You can even manage all of your cell-enabled trail cams in iSportsman ARX to review video and images and determine where and when your best opportunities and best stand locations should be hunted.
Register now and enjoy our free 30 day trial period! iSportsman ARX for HUNTERS is the ultimate starting point of your life-long hunting journey.

for landowners, nonprofits & enterprises

The Enterprise feature set of iSportsman ARX has been designed for the needs of organizations, nonprofits, and corporate or large private landowners who may manage multiple, geographically separate and large tracts for a multitude of outdoor recreational activities. While iSportsman ARX is built with the hunter in mind, it can be used to manage multiple activities such as fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, camping, boating and more at parks, forests, refuges and any publicly accessible land.
You can use iSportsman ARX to register visitors; monitor access for accurate, real-time usage data; sell permits; collect visitor success, harvest or simple feedback on their observations and experiences and more. Instant reports and data access make management efficient and less expensive. Most enterprises qualify to implement the service for little to no costs.

Our partners in the conservation & preservation of our values include:

Articles & news

iSportsman ARX is also a great source for tips and tactics on improving your hunting, and fishing, as well as better managing your land and wildlife. You can also find the latest outdoor news, new gear reviews and learn of great places to hunt and visit.
The Science Behind the Shot: Deer Physiology During Hunting*

The Science Behind the Shot: Deer Physiology During Hunting*

Many things need to be considered during hunting, but what actually happens to the animal after we take our shot?

Dr Joe R. Bumgardner, a surgeon and hunter in the United States, shared his expertise in surgery whilst explaining the physiology of harvesting deer on a recent episode of the Deer University podcast of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab.

Following Dr Bumgardner’s advice, we can increase the success of our harvests by understanding deer physiology and applying this knowledge in the field. 

What follows is a summary of the episode of the podcast.

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The animal ran off after the shot - what now?

The animal ran off after the shot - what now?

It’s usually quite a challenge to find deer that has been shot and run off. So what can or should we do in these situations? Dr Joe R. Bumgardner, a surgeon and hunter in the United States, shared his expertise in the Deer University podcast of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab.

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Case study of hunting club management with HAMS.online

Case study of hunting club management with HAMS.online

This presentation showcases how the use of HAMS.online can have major benefits for any club even well managed hunt clubs.

The changes in less organised estates or syndicates is even more significant due to the practices, processes and workflows HAMS.online is built around and provides.

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